The story of ISEP

The formation of a society concerned with early events in eukaryotic evolution was discussed by Lynn Margulis, Max Taylor and Howard Whisler in Seattle, USA, in late 1973, following the First International Congress of Systematic and Evolutionary Biology in Boulder, USA, where the SET (serial endosymbiosis theory) had its first formal discussion and a protistan session was also held.


It was formally proposed, with election of an ad hoc editorial committee, at a meeting on the origin and evolution of mitosis in Boston, USA, in 1974 (see Margulis & Taylor, 1975), and this has been taken as the first Society for Evolutionary Protistology (SEP) meeting. The second, convened in Toronto, Canada, was summarized by Heath (1978). The word ‘International’ was added after the fourth meeting, held in Maryland, USA (see Goode & Corliss, 1981, 1982), and the society was formally incorporated in 1982.


Read more in Taylor, 2003.


Executive Committee

Joel B Dacks


Canada Research Chair in Evolutionary Cell Biology
University of Alberta 


Yuji Inagaki

Past president

University of Tsukuba

Michelle Leger

European Councilor

Instituto de Biología Evolutiva


Lukas VF Novak

Newsletter editor

Alastair GB


Office manager

Dalhousie University 

Claudio H



Dalhousie University


Sonja Rueckert

President - elect

Edinburgh Napier University


Ryoma Kamikawa

Councilor at-large

Anastasios Tsaousis

Membership director

Sergio Muñoz

North American councilor

Dalhousie University


Eleni Gentekaki


Mae Fah Luang University




Background image: Nannochloropsis sp., CSIRO

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