ISEP Online Seminar Series on Protist Genomics, Diversity, and Evolution 

ISEP is very pleased to announce the official "ISEP Protist Genomics, Diversity, and Evolution" virtual seminar series. We look forward to this being a venue for sharing new discoveries in the field of Evolutionary Protistology and a way to bring the community closer together on an on-going basis.

- Joel B. Dacks, ISEP President (May 25th, 2020) 


Previous organizers: Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo, Andrew J. Roger

Watch previous seminars on ISEP YouTube.

Single talk: 20-25 minutes with 5-10 minutes questions

Seminar with 2 talks: 1 hour


Next Seminars: TBD

Previous Seminars:

Thursday, July 16, 11:00 pm CEST

  • Lael Barlow: "AMOEBAE: A systematic workflow for finding gene homologues"

Thursday, July 2, 3:00 pm CEST​ (guest hosted by Michelle Leger)

  • Daniel Richter (Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo lab): "Microbial eukaryote biogeography and gene expression in the open ocean"

  • John Burns (Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences): "Lineage specific patterns of bacterial gene transfer across eukaryotic metabolism”

Thursday, June 11, 11:00 pm CEST

  • Sergio Munoz-Gomez (Hess Lab): "A purple-green eukaryote with two photosynthetic endosymbionts"

  • Hassan Hashimi: "What does a reassessment of crista diversity in eukaryotes say about human mitochondria?" (Watch on YouTube)

Thursday, May 28, 3:00 pm CEST

  • Jon Jerlström-Hultqvist: "Symbiosis – perspectives from Anaeramoeba" (Watch on YouTube)

  • Iker Irisarri: "Phylogenomic insights into the origin of primary plastids"

Thursday, May 14, 11:00 pm CEST

  • Matt Brown: "PhyloFisher, a phylogenomic package" (Watch on YouTube)

  • Luis Javier Galindo: "Phylogenomic analysis of the nucleariid amoebae, the earliest-diverging lineage of Holomycota"

Thursday, April 23, 3:00 pm CEST

  • Dandan Zhao (Roger lab): "Investigating the role of the Anaerobic Protist Blastocystis in the gut microbiome by metagenomic analysis"

  • Aleksandra Kozyczkowska (Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo lab): "Corallochytrium limacisporum, a newly emerging model system for comparative cell biology among unicellular Holozoa to address questions of animal origin"

Thursday, April 9, 11:00 pm CEST

  • John Archibald: "Paramoeba species and their kinetoplastid endosymbionts"

  • Martin Kolisko: "Comparative genomics and transcriptomics of secondarily free-living diplomonads"

Thursday, March 26, 3:00 pm CET

  • Johana Rotterova (Cepicka lab): "Deep lineages (classes) of anaerobic ciliates, their mitochondria and symbionts"

  • Lucia Tomeckova (Hampl lab): "Lipid analysis of Euglena gracilis cells, organelles and plastid subfractions suggests endosymbiotic origin of the middle plastid envelope"

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Sphaeroforma arctica (Ichthyosporea) confocal microscopy, stained with DAPI and tubulin. 3D projection. Multicellgenome Lab

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Background image: Nannochloropsis sp., CSIRO

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