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ISEP Online Elections 2023

The elections for the new ISEP Executive Committee will take place in January 2023. Members will receive their voting instructions by email when the ballot opens. For now, you can use this page to nominate yourself or another person (with their consent) to become candidates. The deadline for nominations is January 27th, 2023. Please, include the full name, affiliation, and contact email of the candidate and specify for which office you are nominating them. You can nominate candidates for these offices (description below): President​, European Councillor, North American Councillor​, Councilor at-large, SecretaryTreasurer, Media Director, and Membeship Director.






Description of Offices:

The President shall, when present, preside at all meetings of the members of the Corporation and of the board of directors. It is the duty of the President to assure that an Auditor(s) is chosen by the board of directors and that an audit of the financial records is canied out and reported to the membership at the annual meeting. The President shall also be charged with the general management and supervision of the affairs and operations of the Corporation, and the President shall be responsible for seeing that Corporation Officers carry out their duties. If for any reason the President is absent or unable to perform their duties, their duties and powers may be exercised by the President-Elect or such other director as they may from time to time designate for the purpose. In the event the office of President becomes vacant, the President Elect shall automatically succeed to such office and in default thereof, the board shall appoint another director to the office of President Elect.

North American, European, and At-Large Councilors are to attend meetings, providing representation for the members of their respective geographic regions and guidance for the Corporation.

The Secretary shall be ex officio clerk of the board of directors. They shall attend all meetings of the board of directors and meetings of members and record all facts and minutes of all proceedings in the books kept for that purpose. A copy of the Minutes from any meeting shall be provided to directors within 30 days of the meeting. They shall give all notices required to be given to the members and to directors. They shall also perform such other duties as may from time to time be determined by the board of directors.

The Treasurer shall keep full and accurate accounts of all receipts and disbursements of the Corporation in proper books of account and shall deposit all moneys or other valuable effects in the name and to the credit of the Corporation in such bank or banks as may from time to time be approved by the board of directors. They shall disburse the funds of the Corporation under the direction of the board of directors, taking proper vouchers therefore and shall render to the board of directors at the regular meetings thereof or whenever required of them, an account of all their transactions as Treasurer, and of the financial position of the Corporation. They shall prepare and present a financial statement to the members at each annual meeting. The Treasurer shall provide the auditor(s) with financial records as required during the audit. The Treasurer shall accept payment of dues, providing each member with a receipt of payment. They shall forward to the Membership Director the names and related membership information for all new and renewing members. They shall forward all historical papers of finance to the Head Office of the Corporation. They shall also perform such other duties as may from time to time be determined by the board of directors.

The Media Director is responsible for publishing news about activities of the Corporation.  Publication may be printed or electronic as decided by the directors.

The Membership Director shall accept or reject membership applications on behalf of the Corporation, maintain a list of active members of the Corporation, shall inform members when membership renewals are due, and shall provide the Secretary, Media Director and other directors of the Corporation with the list of members. The list of active members should include, whenever possible, their postal and electronic mailing addresses as well as their telephone numbers.

Nominations 2022

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