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ISEP 2022

Pandemic permitting, the 2022 meeting of the International Society for Evolutionary Protistology #ISEP22 is envisioned as an in-person meeting, with a substantial virtual capacity.

We encourage you to consider hosting the ISEP 2022 meeting and helping to continue the positive momentum that ISEP has achieved! 

Bids to host the ISEP 2022 meeting will be accepted starting August 15th 2020, voting will open on September 1st, and close on September 15th 2020. Bids and questions can be sent to

Required information for proposals to host the next ISEP Meeting in 2022


  • Host organization

    • Who is proposing this and who will be potentially on the local organizing team?

  • Hosting Location

    • Country and City

    • Venue: Description of the venue (Uni/Hotel/other) and surroundings.

  • Transportation

    • Air: Information about local airport (international preferred, distance to venue), indicative costs for air travel from our main regions Asia, Americas, Europe.

    • Local: Transport from airport to venue incl. costs and options.

  • Accommodation

    • Description of standard accommodation (single, double, suite) incl. costs, preferable for budget, mid-range, and high-end options close to the venue.

    • If not that close is there an easy transport option?


  • Meeting facilities

    • Description of rooms, potential breakout session options, to accommodate ~150 participants.

    • Availability and costs for audio-visual equipment (e.g. projectors, screens etc.). Is WiFi available at the facility?

    • Place for poster session (poster board availability etc.).

    • Are there any childcare facilities or options at the proposed meeting venue?

    • Are there options for a hybrid in-person/virtual meeting approach, what would you need?


  • Catering

    • What is the plan for meals during the day, provided at venue, options nearby (costs)

    • Options for reception and conference dinner?


  • Estimation of Costs

    • What are the expected costs overall?

    • What will the registration fee be and cover?

    • Indication of optional costs if arriving early/staying longer.

    • Potential sponsors that will be approached.


  • Local Attractions/Events

    • Description of potential attractions/events in the surrounding.

    • Estimated costs and transportation options to these attractions or planned organized trips.


  • Promotion/Marketing/webpage

    • What are the plans? Who will host the webpage? How will the team promote the conference, gauge interest etc.?


  • Registration

    • When, how, responsibilities?

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