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"Free Protistological Playground" for a PostDoc in Prague

The laboratory of Evolutionary protistology at the Charles University (Prague, Czech Republic) led by Vladimir Hampl offers a "Free protistological playground" for a postdoctoral researcher that would like to bring their own project or become part of existing projects from now until April 2023.

The research areas of particular interest are: Diversity and genomics of termite protists, anaerobes and euglenids, FeS cluster assembly in oxymonads and archamoebae, LOPIT proteomics focused on anaerobic mitochondrial derivates, protein import into Euglena gracilis plastid, proteomic analysis of cytoskeleton of Excavata.

The postdoctoral project will be funded by ERC or national funds. Please contact Vladimir Hampl ( and visit the lab webpage ( for more information.



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