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ISEP Online Elections 2020: Update

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Dear ISEP Community,

The election is only a few days old and the response has been amazing. For those of you who have already voted, Thank you! 

If you have not yet received your ballot, and think that you should have, please check the following:

1) If you have changed institutions since getting your membership, then your ballot may have been sent to your old address. If you think this is the case, then please let us know about the change at and this can be corrected.

2) We have at least one reported instance of the ballots being flagged as spam. If you think that you should have received a ballot, then please check your spam folder.

3) Only people with paid memberships are registered to vote. If you are unsure of whether your membership is up to date, please contact the membership director via and we can check for you. Renewing (or getting a new membership) is inexpensive and easy, directly on the ISEP website. New registrants are then added to the voter roll.

Thanks everyone for your engagement with this process!

Best wishes,

Joel B. Dacks (ISEP President 2018-2020)



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