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#ISEPpapers 16: April, May, and June 2022

Your sixteenth digest of papers and preprints published by members of the International Society for Evolutionary Protistology is here. Do you like your #ISEPpapers as fresh as possible? Join our Facebook group or follow us on Twitter. Enjoy!

Independent Size Expansions and Intron Proliferation in Red Algal Plastid and Mitochondrial Genomes. Fabian van Beveren, Laura Eme, Purificación López-García, Maria Ciobanu, David Moreira. Read.

Combined nanometric and phylogenetic analysis of unique endocytic compartments in Giardia lamblia sheds light on the evolution of endocytosis in Fornicata. Santos R, Ástvaldsson Á, Pipaliya SV, Zumthor JP, Dacks JB, Svärd S, Hehl AB, Faso C. Read.

The closest lineage of Archaeplastida is revealed by phylogenomics analyses that include Microheliella maris. Euki Yazaki, Akinori Yabuki, Ayaka Imaizumi, Keitaro Kume, Tetsuo Hashimoto, and Yuji Inagaki. Read.

Evolutionary diversification of the autophagy-related ubiquitin-like conjugation systems. Sidi Zhang, Euki Yazaki, Hirokazu Sakamoto, Hayashi Yamamoto, & Noboru Mizushima. Read.

Genome evolution of a nonparasitic secondary heterotroph, the diatom Nitzschia putrida. Ryoma Kamikawa et al. Read.

A comparative study indicates vertical inheritance and horizontal gene transfer of arsenic resistance-related genes in eukaryotes. Giulia M. Ribeiro and Daniel J. G. Lahr. Read.

Typical structure of rRNA coding genes in diplonemids points to two independent origins of the bizarre rDNA structures of euglenozoans. Paweł Hałakuc, Anna Karnkowska, Rafał Milanowski. Read.

Free-living Trichomonads are Unexpectedly Diverse. Vít Céza et al. Read.

Phylogenetics of Clonal Multicellularity. Michelle M. Leger and Iñaki Ruiz-Trillo. Read.

Comparative genomics for evolutionary cell biology using AMOEBAE: Understanding the Golgi and beyond. Barlow, Lael D.; Maciejowski, William; More, Kiran; Terry, Kara; Vargová, Romana; Záhonová, Kristína; Dacks, Joel B. Read.

Multicellularity: Amoebae follow the leader to food. Alexander K. Tice and Matthew W. Brown. Read.

An Updated View of the Trypanosoma cruzi Life Cycle: Intervention Points for an Effective Treatment. Javier Martín-Escolano et al. Read.

Revisiting biocrystallization: purine crystalline inclusions are widespread in eukaryotes. Jana Pilátová, Tomáš Pánek, Miroslav Oborník, Ivan Čepička & Peter Mojzeš. Read.

Evolving Perspective on the Origin and Diversification of Cellular Life and the Virosphere. Anja Spang, Tara A Mahendrarajah, Pierre Offre, Courtney W Stairs. Read.

Evidence for an Independent Hydrogenosome-to-Mitosome Transition in the CL3 Lineage of Fornicates. Romana Vargová et al. Read.

A phylogenetic and proteomic reconstruction of eukaryotic chromatin evolution. X. Grau-Bové, C. Navarrete, Cristina Chiva, T. Pribasnig, M. Antó, G. Torruella, L. J. Galindo, B. F. Lang, D. Moreira, P. López-Garcia, I. Ruiz-Trillo, C. Schleper, E. Sabidó & A. Sebé-Pedrós. Read.

Comparative transcriptomics reveals the molecular toolkit used by an algivorous protist for cell wall perforation. Jennifer V. Gerbracht, Tommy Harding, Alastair G. B. Simpson, Andrew J. Roger, Sebastian Hess. Read.

Gene Transfer Agents in Bacterial Endosymbionts of Microbial Eukaryotes. Emma E George, Daria Tashyreva, Waldan K Kwong, Noriko Okamoto, Aleš Horák, Filip Husnik, Julius Lukeš, Patrick J Keeling. Read.

A closed Candidatus Odinarchaeum chromosome exposes Asgard archaeal viruses. Daniel Tamarit, Eva F. Caceres, Mart Krupovic, Reindert Nijland, Laura Eme, Nicholas P. Robinson & Thijs J. G. Ettema. Read.

Massive accumulation of strontium and barium in diplonemid protists. Jana Pilátová et al. Read.

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