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Protist 2020 ISOP/ISEP Meeting Cancelled

ISOP/ISEP Statement Regarding the Corona Virus Pandemic

12 March 2020

The World Health Organization (WHO) declared the COVID-19 virus epidemic a pandemic yesterday. As a precaution, many restrictions had already been imposed on travel and movement of people, on large gatherings, and many regions temporarily closed educational institutions. Increasing the status of the epidemic to a pandemic has changed how governments will respond with precautionary measures.

With the safety of protistologists in mind, and in light of the diverse restrictions we are and will be facing in the coming weeks, it would be wise to cancel our conference this year.

We are therefore cancelling the 2020 ISOP/ISEP meeting in Cancun, MX, 31 May- 04 June effective immediately. Payments received to date at the registration website will be fully refunded.

Gaytha A. Langlois, President, ISOP

Joel Dacks, President, ISEP

Sina Adl, Conference Chair

Master List Of Airline Coronavirus Change And Cancellation Policies:



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