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ISEP Online Elections

Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Dear ISEP Members,

I hope that this message finds you all well and staying safe. In this unusual time, the business of the Society needs to go on, and we need to find new ways to do so. For this reason, we will be holding online elections in lieu of the normal in-person elections that would have taken place at our meeting in May. I encourage you to consider standing for election for an executive committee position or to consider hosting the ISEP 2022 meeting and helping to continue the positive momentum that ISEP has achieved! The details of the elections are below.

Finally, I want to invite each of you to consider an ISEP membership registration. ISEP has become more engaged and active as a society, and we plan to do even more. Activities such as travel funding to meetings, sponsored symposia, and supporting virtual seminar series have costs, which are covered by the membership fees. An ISEP membership is $50 CDN for a two year membership. Membership is easy to obtain here.

Our online and social media community is thriving. If you are not already a member, or if your membership has lapsed, I hope that you will officially join the society and help us to remain as vibrant a society in the future.

Thank you

Joel Dacks, President of ISEP

Logistical details: Nominations (including self-nominations) and bids to host the ISEP 2022 meeting will be accepted starting August 15th, voting will open on September 1st, and close on September 15th. Nominations and bids, as well as questions about the positions can be sent to The full description of all positions can be found here. Nominees shall provide a brief biography including current academic affiliation and position, research question, and any other detail that they feel qualifies them for the position (150 word max).

Executive Committee Positions Available:

  • President-Elect (open)

  • European Councillor (open)

  • North American Councillor (open)

  • Member-at-Large (open)

  • Secretary (open)

  • Membership Director (open)

  • Treasurer (currently held)

  • Editor of the Newsletter/Media Director (currently held)

Bids to host ISEP 2022: Pandemic permitting, this meeting is envisioned as an in-person meeting, with a substantial virtual capacity. Details of the bid requirements for hosting the ISEP 2022 meeting can be found here.

Any questions about the elections can also be sent to



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